4.06 The Good Samaritan

Anushka Mokosh

Matryona Marzanna
Aug 31, 2012
The episode opens up again with the old Darkhold team backstory where it is revealed that they had just made a breakthrough and Eli arrives there after Lucy summons him. They conduct an experiment where they produce material out of anything. Dr. Joseph Bauer seems interested in rather altruistic goals, but does not seem willing to share the book with others. It is a rather conflicting stance.

We switch over to May as it is revealed that she had come to the old laboratory where Lucy had taken Eli. Coulson and the rest realize what it is that Lucy is after.

Daisy goes to visit Gabe to take him to meet Robbie so Robbie can reassure Gabe about his own safety. Gabe has Robbie all figured out. Or at least he thinks so and he is ecstatic over having a secret agent for a brother. Daisy covers up for Robbie. The team operates under assumption that Lucy will have to force Eli for cooperation.

Director sends Simmons on a special mission for the US Government, requested from high up the food chain as per Director's requests. The mission is such that she is given no time to prepare and has to be blind-folded. Something is fishy there and one must wonder if this has something to do with the deal from the previous episode.

Director goes on to face Coulson and his team over the footage shown to him by the senator Nadeer. Coulson pretends ignorance to Director regarding Quake and Ghost Rider while Mack helps them escape. Daisy tries to keep the secret agent flimsy facade for Gabe, but Robbie decides to come clean.

And so, we learn about Robbie's backstory as he goes to race. He is going for a race and persuades Gabe to join him, to live a little. This seemingly ties into the previous episode's references to the drive-by which left Gabe unable to walk and we learn all about the shooting and the accident. The accident left Gabe unable to move, but Robbie actually died in the accident. Gabe was saved by an unnamed good Samaritan who is apparently the reason Robbie was saved. Robbie has another story to give. Robbie reveals that he begged anyone and anything to save Gabe and that he'd give anything for it. And so, he made a deal with the devil who is actually that good Samaritan who saved them. It is quite a messy story where not everything is clear. Gabe is not very accepting of Robbie's perspective.

Fitz is working on figuring out what exactly is Lucy's agenda and realizes it is all about the amount of power they can generate. He is also quite put out about the new Director (a sentiment I share more and more) and worried about Simmons' whereabouts (another sentiment I share). It seems that Simmons was sent away to prevent her from notifying the team about what the Director is up to and to prevent her from using her clearance to help them.

The Director manages to figure out where Robbie and Daisy are and reveals them, but Director's clear cut approach hampers the actual mission. Ghost Rider takes over Robbie and breaks out of the containment unit. He engages in a fist fight with the new Director. Part of me wanted Robbie to kill the Director. That is how much he annoyed me. However, Ghost Rider stops as Robbie breaks through thanks to Gabe who seems rather disappointed in Robbie.

If I were to put a finger on what exactly annoys me about him, it is that he is a politician. And not just any politician, a bureaucratic politician whose overgrown bureaucracy hampers the efficiency. Therefore, I can relate oh so well with Fitz's exasperation. Coulson manages to calm down the situation.

We also learn that Eli was the true target of the drive-by. Joseph was obsessed with the book and went slightly mad over it. And the situation escalated.

Coulson entrusts May with taking the book and hiding it someplace safe. Fitz and Mack are facing issues in stopping the experiment from happening. Eli shows his true face now as it is revealed that he wants to see the experiment happen and that it was he who started it and who pushed it ahead of schedule due to his own hunger for power.

The experiment proceeds and Coulson and Robbie are seemingly caught in the blast while Eli gains matter-creating powers from it though Coulson's last minute action may have interfered with it. The fate of Coulson, Robbie, and Fitz is left unresolved.