4.05 Lockup

Anushka Mokosh

Matryona Marzanna
Aug 31, 2012
The episode opens up by giving us a bit more background of the Darkhold team as the scientist power-couple discovers the book. Each of them is reading the book in their mother tongue at the same time coming to an ominous conclusion that the book is reading them.

Scene switches back to the hospital where Coulson and Mack try to reason with Bauer, who was touched by Lucy and he reveals that he had buried it back where he had found it. Lucy is shown to have retrieved the book and Bauer dies gruesomely. However, Lucy cannot read the book as the letters disappear and Lucy seemingly can't even touch it anymore. Coulson seems intent on adopting Robbie. Dad Coulson is back!

May and Coulson attempt to get Robbie's uncle out of jail, but Lucy got there first and the staff all got a dose of the crazy from her. It is lucky Fitzsimmons developed the cure so the team is heading in. Mack, Daisy, Robbie, two Red Shirts, and Mack's shotgunaxe. However, what is not lucky is that the jail is filled with Mad Dogs and Lucy uses them effectively against the team forcing Fitz to open all the doors. And Daisy pulls a "this is my fight" as the faces Mad Dogs in a rather striking battle, made more so since she is not able to utilize her powers. It is a well-choreographed fight. Robbie and Mack get Robbie's uncle out of jail while May and Coulson double back and save Daisy in the last moment as May scolds Daisy just as she used to while Daisy was her trainee. It is a nice throwback to their old dynamics. And it continues later on as May explains to Daisy that Coulson will never give up on her because he never gave up on her and she was exactly the same as Daisy. May also invokes Lincoln's name, but Daisy is determined to leave after the operation is concluded. It is obviously not what she wishes to do as we witness her crying.

The prison is in a full-out riot mode as the prisoners duke it out between each other and Robbie takes time to settle an old score, a rather personal one involving his brother and it is revealed the score is not there to begin with. However, Ghost Rider takes over and Robbie takes care of the man regardless of the revelation while all other rioters return to their cells frightened by the Ghost Rider.

In the meantime, Eli is taken by Lucy while Robbie was busy and the team is at a temporary loss as to how to proceed.

All in not well in the Fitzsimmons paradise and Simmons is ignoring Fitz. As predicted, the lies and secrets are talking a toll on Simmons who is stressing about her lie detector session. Simmons' questioning is interrupted by the Director himself just as she stumbles over a question and it doesn't seem to look good though I predicted it would not turn out nearly as immediately terrible. However, it is not nearly as bad as implied and Simmons just has to help Director with a public affair. Public affair which might quickly go south. However, the Director takes initiative on his own and reveals his own status as an Inhuman and makes a more personal argument deviating from Simmons' plan to stick with the facts.

Simmons' questioning is brought up again and Simmons blackmails the Director to get out of further testings. But that prompts the question, what exactly did Director lie about? Was it just the fact that he wasn't a hero in Vienna? Or is there more?

We witness yet another gruesome scene in a laboratory where Lucy demands Eli to read the book, fix her, and finish what they started. And Eli does not seem all that opposed to it which puts a shadow on his own claims of involuntary involvement in the whole mess.

The episode concludes with Director and the anti-Inhuman senator who talk rather frankly and secretly where she reveals all about the prison incident to him and her intention to publicly reveal it all threatening his popularity. The Director seems rather keen for a deal and it will indubitably be rather detrimental to the efforts of our protagonists.