Snowpiercer TV Series Ordered By TNT


weaver of the unseen
Aug 21, 2007
I don't know of Melanie would have killed her if it had not come down to a matter of self-preservation. She was willing to torture her, however, despite her adverse reaction to removing a finger. Her claim this week that she, not Wilford, built the train, explains her willingness to do whatever it takes to keeping the thing going.
I believe her. She's selfless. So, to me it's plausible that she did build it and Wilford was just a face for the business. Melanie was honest when she said that she wasn't willing to watch the boozing and whoring like there's no tomorrow.

Yes, I would be astonished if they execute Melanie. They need her more than the other two engineers.
Maybe it's end of times. It not like they can continue the series. So it's all doom and gloom in the finale.

Are they planning another season?
I don't know. Honestly. The series hasn't been as popular as you could have assumed, based on the movie popularity. I have watched it at least three times. Thing is there's three books. Graphic novels. And in the next one there's another train. And in the last one there is a base.