book? A decimated race creates micro-universe to find weapon answer to enemy invasion


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Nov 10, 2016
During my time in the Persian Gulf war in the late 80's, many books were sent over. One book I thoroughly enjoyed and would like to re-read it 30 years later.
As I recall, a race of humanoids were being wiped out by a galaxy mass of bugs? With so few alive left, a group created a ultra fast time shifting micro-universe so the universe inside could find the answer to stopping this horde (from their point of view, but not from the inhabitants inside the micro-universe). The story revolves around a group of people inside the micro-universe. They find the answer to stop this horde of bugs (I keep thinking the size of fleas or maybe it was not, but it was a mass of trillions of something). The group contacts a woman God (?) who resides inside of their planet's moon (who is one of the humanoids outside the micro-universe). Can't remember how the ending goes (betrayal? happy ending?).

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