Creating A Mock Necronomicon For Boyfriend?


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Nov 6, 2016
Hello fellow H.P. Lovecraft fans!
I've been scouring the internet for some ideas for my boyfriend's birthday/Christmas present (If I don't finish it before his birthday on the 18th of December I'll make it his Christmas gift.) I decided I wanted to draw the Cthulhu Mythos family tree (An interpretation of each God/Monstrocity in the line) I was trying to figure out the best way to present it and style to draw it in and it came to me "I'll make it as if it were pages from the Necronomicon!"

Now this is where I'm stuck.
I've run dry for cover ideas for the Necronomicon because I want to make it as close to cannon as possible. I've searched for hours and can't find a description of it from Lovecraft's works. Does one exist? Perhaps from his letters? I know a lot of the Gods aren't described so I'll have to interpret them by vague descriptions and my own imagination but I was really hoping there was a cover description or an idea of what it would look like.

I've seen the dried skin-face ones but for some reason that just doesn't sit well with me. Is that the actual description or a popularized fan interpretation? I doubt it would actually say "Necronomicon" on the cover either... is there any actual description of it? Does anyone know?

Thanks so much!


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Jan 24, 2016
Well as it goes for books bound in skin you're best bet comes from my parts. In edinburgh we are very proud to have bound a book from a famous grave robbers skin. The man was named Burke.

Now to tell ths story is to talk of a tale of murder and and the vile human desire for gold and such.

But in reality many believe it is bound in pig skin.

You would need tanned pig skin but this is available. Personally I would go for any pseudo leather fabric and worry a little less about the long term care.

I don't believe that a replica of the Necronomicon is anything but a fiction and you have to remember it was written as such so any unique spin you can put uppon it is worth while. Maybe not a the "Evil Dead" face but something in latin. Maybe tenebrae or even better somethig in hebrew.

It is easy to get a book printed or wrapped.

Have fun with it.


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Dec 9, 2015
There are descriptions of the Cthulhu gods in the old AD&D (First Edition) Gods and Demigods book... if you can get hold of one. You might try your local Comic Book/Gaming store for someone who'd let you look through a copy.

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May 22, 2016
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Look up Ralph Rayburn Phillips' art for some possibilities for a cover. Maybe you've already given him this gift, though; hope you will tell us here what he thought of it.