4.04 Let Me Stand Next to Your Fire

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Aug 31, 2012
The scene opens up with Simmons going to check out an apartment which seems perfect for her and Fitz. The scene offers a nice look into the progression of Fitzsimmons, but it also shows that some strain is put on their relationship by Fitz's projects with Radcliffe regarding Ada. We soon hear that she got the offer via email which obviously means we can expect Daisy to show up and she does not disappoint though she is quite worse for wear than we last saw her. Daisy delivers information on WatchDogs to Simmons and asks Simmons for help, but Simmons refuses on accounts of having to keep up her influence and credibility and Daisy decides to seemingly make her do it to allow her a degree of plausible deniability. Simmons willingly going along with it makes her a far more sympathetic presence than earlier in this season. And I do like it how Simmons called out Daisy for her behaviour where she pushes them away while simultaneously using them.

The two go to find James, the Inhuman Shitposter aka Hellfire who is next on WatchDogs' kill list, but it turns out he's the betrayer. Hive's influence seemed to have quite an impact on his psyche.

Coulson investigates the ghost incidents and the investigation leads him to Robbie's uncle in jail where he decides to bargain with him. However, the uncle refuses and Coulson leaves with Mack. They encounter Robbie and we get an awesome car chase in two amazing cars because in addition to Robbie's car, Lola is also there. Phil and Mack indulge in a bit of a mechanic talk as they force Robbie into a dead end and I quite like their banter. Their partnership has quite a nice dynamics to it. Coulson's decision to trust Robbie was just so Coulson. XD

I do have to admit that Robbie saving Daisy and Simmons was quite a strong scene. James had just met his natural enemy and Ghost Rider looked amazing with the chain. Mack was totally on point there with his remark about two fire users in a firework store. It was just at the tip of my tongue when he said it.

It is interesting how they integrated magic via Ghost Rider and this case here as a sort of preparation for integration of Doctor Strange into Marvel universe.

May is still in Radcliffe's care and she is non to pleased that they killed her and that she must remain under observation. Fitz and Radcliffe both work on helping May, but Fitz is not very pleased that Ada is shown to May. I do like it how Fitz is still scared of May and he is such a bad liar. The most I liked of this storyline were the doubts Ada seemed to have with her programming and behaviour of humans around her.

Simmons figured out that Ada was an android right away. Seems like her conflict over her loyalties, credibility, and influence will be a development point for her character in the coming episodes.
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Sep 15, 2007
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The car chase was nice, and I liked the fiery duel too.

We've only seen (perhaps) a tiny bit of the antagonist so far. Bit more of that wouldn't go amiss.