New release cover reveal


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Aug 19, 2013
Hey folks,

I'm very pleased to unveil the cover for my next novel: Unfathomed.

Beautiful cover, I can't wait to read this one.
Very nice Ralph! It makes me want to read the book. (I know that's shallow, but there it is.)
Thanks, guys. A really talented chap called Tom Edwards painted the cover.

I can't stop looking at it and smiling.

Parson's that's great feedback and shows the cover does its job.

When I get home, I'll put on my author forum the evolution of the design. It might be interesting for people to see it go from concept to this.
My fee for a concept is cheap. ;)

Tom's fee is dependent on what work you want done. He's a really approachable guy though, so I suggest if you want a quote, run your idea past him.

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