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Jun 19, 2018
I would have liked to have seen a little more of Caleb's work in constructing her metal skeleton before reinstalling her brain-pearl and bringing her back on line............Baby birds can't snap chains like Dolores did a few moments later.

This particular reincarnation, I suspect, did not follow standard host specs. Maeve seemed genuinely surprised when her katana failed to remove Dolores' arm, and Dolores quipped that she had been "built to last."
(Note to future android builders: Make them weaker than humans. You'll avoid a whole lot of trouble.)

I was a little disappointed that the ending was not a triumph for the hosts, considering that Humanity was doomed to self-destruction without guidance. Free will vs. fate is one of those unwinnable arguments. Who know whether free hosts will avoid fate any better than free humans?
Bernard's return from his visit to digital paradise opens all manner of speculation. Will he have a message for Maeve from her daughter? The accumulation of dust on his head indicate that he had been gone for an extended time. Stubbs is probably still hanging out in the bathtub, unless something happened to his pearl.
I was shocked when William's quest to save Humanity by destroying every host was abruptly ended by his host doppelganger slashing his throat. I thought that if any original character would survive the entire series it would be William. Maybe he still will. ;)
It's a lot to take in, but consider this:

I was a little irked by the thin construction without any substantial musculature mechanics. Think about it, she's heaving human weights like toys into concrete that shatters. Most of the tech was really good in this one...that wasn't. It was a little too magical.

Not only did Dolores (Delos) quip that she/they originally were "built to last," but after something about "until they made us weaker," realized their mistake, or some such.

As far as a triumph for the hosts, at the end (post credits) we saw the lights come on in the factory where Charlotte was making hundreds/thousands. Although, it seems Dolores' hatred of William never faded. Clearly, to me, it was her speaking through the new William. Then again, who's to say it's not Dolores simply torturing him more with another delusion. Hard to say.

I do wonder if Bernard will learn from his mistakes...and next time put a sheet over himself before he visits the sublime. :sneaky:


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Jun 17, 2013
Noo Zillund
finished this season the other night and while enjoyable, I think the story and characters suffered from only having 8 episodes. I never felt like the story developed properly.
it all seemed a bit superficial.

in fact, there was such a jump between ep 7 and 8 I actually had to go back to check I hadn't missed an episode!

everything seemed a bit easy too, such as:
lack of security at incite, delos and, well everywhere;
charlotte/delores managing to hide the production of thousands of hosts somewhere in a delos lab;
stormtrooper marksman skills on display from security, police, bad guys;
stubbs and Bernard wandering around the place unhindered (which is odd considering how wanted Bernard is);

also, are we to believe that the cities are super hi-tech but as soon as you leave them you're back in 1970's America (as evidenced by the gas station, motel and Bernard's car)? even the fact that the car would still be running this far in the future was pretty jarring.

it looks like, in the end, the series has suffered with the departure from the parks and i'm not overly enthused for season 4.

yep and
what's the bet there is an "oh f*ck" moment for him when he logs into rehoboam and sees its prediction for his life/death
good to see i was almost right on that prediction...


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Aug 21, 2007
stubbs and Bernard wandering around the place unhindered (which is odd considering how wanted Bernard is)
There is a time-scale problem and when things started to happen, he disappeared from the headlines. I didn't think it was spoiling the script.


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May 18, 2020
Didn't see any discussion here and was a bit surprised. It's not a perfect show but I think it presents a lot of cool technology and interesting questions about humanity.

NEVERMIND: I found threads about it. Don't know how to delete tho