Photos (and Drawings?) of Tolkienian Landscapes


Oct 20, 2017
Ah - was looking for this photo. :)

It's from a viewpoint by Loch Ness, looking west. From there feels like you're looking out to the Misty Mountains - or Mordor. :)
Wow, so lovely. I’ve never been near Loch Ness yet, but the feel of the scene is quite similar to the Lake Disctrict. And there are plenty of Middle-Earth-like places there, too.


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Jul 29, 2005
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A nice idea - but it's a shame that the author - and he's not alone: 90% of people that use the tengwar do this - didn't read the actual notes that go with it. The tehtar, the diacritic marks above the word are not just evocative ornaments: they are the vowels, the doubled consonants and occasionally the nasal sound of the language. Swaledale would be spelled Swldl, with three-dot circumflexes over the 'w' and the 'd'.

And yes, I know it's only a bit of fun, and the average viewer doesn't realise it's incorrect, and probably doesn't care, either, but JRRT took years to work out the Elven languages and alphabets - he basically wrote the books as appendices to the languages, not vice versa - and it does annoy me when some torog unwittingly mangles them because it looks pretty.

Sorry, I've had a bad day...


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Jul 14, 2005
The drawings that leap to mind are the ones I did on scrapped computer paper back in the seventies. I drew a lot of scenes... The Battle of the Five Armies... The Battle of the Hornburg.... The Nazgul flying round Cirith Ungol... Gandalf and the Dwarves losing Bilbo in the Misty Mountains... And I drew maps from memory.

I live in Denver, Colorado. There are times when I am out on the Great Plains and I look west to the Rocky Mountains while the sun lights up the peaks while clouds shadow the plains and I think... ah, the White Mountains and there is Edoras... Forth Eorlingas!

And then I realize that I'm looking west at the mountains instead of south or southwest and the White Mountains ananlogy seems stupid... Ah... the Pelori! I am in Eldamar...