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Susan Boulton

The storyteller
Mar 15, 2006
So it begins again!:LOL:

So excited!!!

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Ebook, paperback soon following.

Hand of Glory

“And all that awake now be as the dead, for the dead man’s sake . . .”

In Passchendaele near the end of the Great War, Captain Giles Hardy is trapped on barbed wire, wounded in mind and body, convinced he should be dead. But Giles’s true battle begins after he’s rescued and sent home. In the small town of Stafford, he struggles with terrifying visions of the atrocities he’s witnessed—and a recruit he served with.

The visions lead Giles to a man who exploits the grief of the bereaved with the help of a Hand of Glory, a mythical tool of thieves. A new friend, Agnes Reed, and the ghost of an old one, Corporal George Adams, aid Hardy in his investigation. Now he must catch the thief, destroy the hand, and lay to rest the men who will otherwise never leave the fields of Flanders.


“In Hand of Glory, Susan Boulton deftly conjures the traumatic fragility of England in the years following the Great War, interweaving a love story and supernatural crime thriller with an unflinching appraisal of the true horrors of conflict. Recommended.” —Neil Williamson, award-winning author of The Moon King

“An intriguing story, beautifully researched with well-drawn characters and an involving central intrigue. Something a little different for the genre and all the better for it.” —Jo Zebedee, author of Abendaus Heir and Inish Carraig

“From the horrors of the First World War to the decadence of the Roaring Twenties, Hand of Glory is a revenge tale worthy of a Hammer Horror production. Grisly murders, creepy séances, and gaslight shenanigans, not to mention the overriding presence of a certain severed limb with an occult power from beyond the grave, are combined with a sense of mortal danger to keep the pages turning.” —Mark Yon, SffWorld

“A stunning and authentic tale of the supernatural, bound to give you goosebumps.” —Alex Davis, author, published in Dark Horizons, The Harrow, and Carillon

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