White sands graphic novel


Psychopathic Chosen One
Oct 28, 2015
Subverting something
Is it good?
It's OK. Two common criticisms of it are the art and exposition. Some people think the art looks too grainy, and that the exposition is too much for a graphic novel. I personally don't mind the art, but it could certainly be a bit 'cleaner' I suppose. Obviously, being about sand and mostly set in a desert, the art style is probably intentional, but I don't think it was necessary.

I honestly don't mind the amount of exposition, but I will also admit something felt slightly off about it. I think this is a result of it being a novel adaptation, and of course with Brandon primarily being an epic fantasy author that only adds to it.

I also thought the magic wasn't handled that well, and the transition between panels was choppy at times and made it have an incoherent feel overall. The worldbuilding was decent, the characters were fine, but nothing outstanding.

So in short, it's pretty average. I imagine it will improve over time, but for this particular one, it's just OK.

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