Yorkshire SciFest

Try not to crash your spaceship in Huddersfield VB just attend like humans do. :p

We Venusians take great pleasure in crashing into you puny earth creatures. Well...that or our saucer design is catastrophically flawed and virtually incapable of flight.
I take it you built it then! :p

Excuse me!

I'm brilliant at designing efficient and deadly flying machines. I have a large head for doing such thinkings.

Here is my Exterminator Deluxe Death, Death, Death to squishy pink earthlings:


Tremble in fear all terrestrial crustaceans*


* turns out it is highly effective as a crab sieve.
Off-chance I might be able to attend. Depends on stuff.

[I'm aware this is only a few days after the Mancunian meeting I am not going to. This is partly because one does not simply walk into Mordor, partly because there's an F1 weekend then (and, as well as watching it, I write a little about F1 and Saturday's the busiest day), as well as also having fiction work with a looming deadline].

Like I said, only an off-chance but I'll try to pay attention to this thread as well as seeing how other things go.

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