Bioship novel pre2000 -need help identifying


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Aug 25, 2016
Hi, I'm trying to remember a book I read when I was about preteen age.

-A group of people explores an alien vessel. I'm fairly sure it was a spaceship but it could have been some other sort of structure.
-There's a female lead who was some sort of military veteran or otherwise has some sort of loss she is recovering from
-The team sent to explore is attacked or harmed by the ship. Vaguely remember someone overheats because their spacesuit's ventilation is covered by goo, but I could be wrong
- There are no aliens per se but the ship turns out to be alive and the attacks are because it sees the team as invaders. A character makes a comment about the ship having an immune system.

Things I've ruled out:

It's not Rendezvous with Rama or Titan by Varley.
It was published before 2001.

Any help? Been obsessing about this low key for a while.
This could be a thousand novels, can you remember anything more specific? It bears a resemblance to Blindsight by Peter Watts but that was published in 2006.
Good call, seems more like yours than mine. I don't read modern Military SF at all so I bow to your superior knowledge.
Valor's Choice is exactly where I was going!
You know what this sounds rather like... part of the plot in Revelation Space by Alistair Reynolds (published in 2000). The female lead (Khouri) does have a military background. There are no aliens, but the ship is "alive" and tries to kill them off sporadically and its does act as if it has an immune system - that phrase may even be used by the Ultras. They're not exactly sent to explore the ship though...
enough! ! ! -I've just this morning downloaded seven Revelation Space books in sequence and started reading the first one . no more talk of Ultras etc for a few weeks. thank you

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