Explorations: First Contact Submission Call (closed)


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Jul 24, 2008

Woodbridge Press Submission Call

Woodbridge Press has started work on the second book in the Explorations series, and wants to give the members of SFFChronicles a chance to be part of it again. Last time, four stories were selected from this group, but I am most likely only able to accept two in total this time, and I will also be posting the call into the Space Opera group on Facebook as well. They are also a great spot for finding talent, with many aspiring authors. So the competition will be fierce, and I expect everyone to rise to the challenge.

What we’re looking for:

Explorations main theme overall will be shared-universe collections. First Contact will be the same. The premise is this: A dead ship appears and when we investigate it, we find it is a semi-sentient exploration ship, searching to make first contact with other races. It shares the knowledge within its mind. Flash forward a couple decades and Earth now has made FTL ships, and they have locations of 14 races out there in the expanse of the universe. Each author will tell a tale of their crew making first contact with a race of aliens. There will be a prologue for the book and an end cap story to tie it all together. If you are interested in submitting, please let me know and once the prologue is officially done, I will send it to you.


Woodbridge Press will be paying an advance against royalties of $50US for each story and the authors will be then sharing 50% of the Net sales on the ebook and paperback

Format and Deadline:

Please submit using Standard manuscript (William Shunn : Manuscript Format : Short Story)

Story length: 5,000- 10,000 words

Deadline: I plan on releasing mid December, so I will be moving faster on this project than the previous one. Deadline for submissions will be September 15th, 2016. Expect to hear back by October 1st

Submissions must be from members with 100+ posts on sffchronicles.

Please PM or email me at info@woodbridgepress.ca if you are interested and I will send prologue and other details as they are finalized.

For those of you who submitted last time and didn't make it, I hope you submit again, and if you did submit and made it, you are now Alumni and I plan on inviting you to future books.

The Line-up so far:

Peter Cawdron
Ralph Kern
Stephen Moss
Richard Fox
PP Corcoran
Chris Fox
Josh Hayes
Chris Kennedy
Scott Moon
Jacob Cooper
PJ Strebor

I'm really excited about this book and I look forward to seeing what you all come up with. Please, if you have any questions, you know where to find me.

Nathan Hystad
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Feb 16, 2013
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Sounds very intriguing... full of possibilities and incredulousness (is there such a word?)

Good luck with this...

Alas, my schedule is rather chock-a-block to write a story in time, but look forward to seeing what others come up with...

Nick B

author Nick Bailey, formerly Quellist.
Feb 13, 2014
Well I hope to see something from you Kerry, and Quellist, I hope you have time to give it a try!

I can give it a try, send me the necessaries and I'll see what I can do.

Kerry did me an awesome tale about a sentient ship and its talking cat, so be ready for a great one from her!


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Jul 24, 2008
Thanks Stephen! I hope to have the rest of the first book authors back for future books too if they are interested. :)


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Sep 15, 2007
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Sounds good.

I'll do my best to submit something for this. Spent a little time working out an approximate schedule for my trilogy (all the cool kids are writing one :p ), and it looks like I should be able to fit it in. [It's really weird trying to work out if you're on target for something that hopefully ends in December 2018, it terms of releases].

Edited extra bit: just read it back I sound as enthusiastic as Eeyore visiting the dentist. It's the heat. And the sleepiness.

I shall sacrifice several goats to Apollo to guarantee victory :)

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