Stranger Things - Season 1

I have no idea if this is a might give a hint as to whether the story seems a natural for a second season; but my wife and I are wondering if this might be an anthology series, like American Horror Story...different story-line each year (maybe re-using some of the same actors). We loved the series...found the story and the characters completely engaging. It was so well done - we shouldn't have been surprised (because we love many Netflix series), but it just seems that if any type of series can be done incorrectly, it's an SF series. But this was lovely.
I have one episode this is good stuff. I think this is one of my favorite shows of all time.

I have two eps left. It's great! The only thing that's letting it down a little (for me) is Winona Ryder. She's overacting almost as much as Clare Danes in Homeland (which I didn't think was possible . . . ). But everyone else more than makes up for her, thankfully!
I finished it last night! I don't really have any complaints and that was a great season finale. I cannot wait to see what they cook up for a second season. I just loved the casting, and I didn't even mind Winona's frantic acting. Her character was a little off it was apparent, and she was basically going crazy, or had that appearance.

All in all, I will have a hard time with any shows for a while because this has now raised the bar that Fargo and True Detective season one had recently already lifted for me.

I also liked how multiple characters kind of had dynamic changes, rather than most shows static stereotypes. Most notably Steve, the boyfriend, and the Sherrif. I liked the relationship between Nancy and Jonathan, it was sweet. El stole all the scenes and was great. I loved the implication that she is still around, perhaps in the upside down place, and it appears Hopper is now involved with the program?
It's 2 in the morning and I just finished the last episode after having watched the whole season in one day. Maybe it's because I'm having a very stressful time at work at the moment, and really needed some escapism, but I've been immersed by this show in a way I haven't been in years. I absolutely loved it. There were some silly moments but those were easy to overlook.

There are some really good shows that I like, House of Cards, Game of Thrones, the Americans to name a few. Those shows all have great writing, acting and production values but as much as I enjoy them there is something that keeps me from going all in so to speak, and after having watched Stranger Things I think I might have figured out what it is. Those shows are all rather cynical, whereas Stranger Things, I feel, have a lot of heart. Watching this show made me feel like a kid again in some ways. Either that, or I was just in the right mood to really appreciate it.

By the way, has anyone played the game Beyond Two Souls? The backstory in that game is very, very similar to the one in this show from what I remember, and since that game came out only a few years ago it makes me wonder it the writers for this show was inspired by it?
My daughter and I watch it constantly. Just finished our 3rd run through of it! It's probably a bit old for her but so pleased she loved it. I thought the kids in it were amazing. Full of emotion and sincerity. This is what kids should be doing, forging friendships and having adventures... erm, maybe not with all that peril they had, but still, some adventures.

I've got all my retro body warmers (called huffle puffles in our house, not sure why,) out and ready for anything that comes our way...

Best thing I have watched in a long time. Fingers crossed for season 2!
Ive just started watching it after seeing this thread. Does anyone else think of Tron during the title sequence?
Ha funny you say that. I just borrowed Tron from the library, because that made me think of it. Hope you enjoy.

You know how in Stranger Things the Department of Energy has a secret facility? And you know how it houses a portal to another dimension? And how its employees conduct sadistic experiments on children with telekinetic powers? Well, the DoE would like you to know that those things are completely not true. Why, they would never. They’re a completely innocuous federal agency that has not even once allowed a petal-faced monster to cross into our dimension and wreak havoc on a sleepy Indiana town! You think they run covert projects weaponizing kids? Prove it!

In a blog post titled “What Stranger Things Didn’t Get Quite-So-Right About the Energy Department,” digital content specialist Paul Lester debunks a series of misapprehensions you may have after watching the Netflix show. Which, if you think about, is exactly what an evil, secretive government organization would do. We thought it was only fair to give Paul Lester—if that’s his real name—a chance to prove once and for all that DoE doesn’t actually stand for “Department of EVIL.”
‘We’re Nothing Like Stranger Things!’ Says Totally Secretly Evil Department of Energy

What “Stranger Things” Didn’t Get Quite-So-Right About the Energy Department
If you’ve spent any time on the internet in the past month, you’ll know that Netflix’s sci-fi thriller Stranger Things has become a critical and cultural favorite. However, it’s difficult to know just how well the eight-episode first season of the show performed for the streaming service since Netflix does not release viewership numbers for its original programming. However, there is a startup company that claims to have cracked the Netflix code, and if they’re to be believed, Stranger Things is one of Netflix’s biggest hits to date.

SymphonyAM is a startup that has quickly become a go-to reference for outlets like NBC to gather information on Netflix’s programming. In SymphonyAM’s latest report, the company tells Business Insider that 8.2 million people watched Stranger Things in its first 16 days of release. That number outshines Marvel’s Daredevil and Marvel’s Jessica Jones, as well as other Netflix staples like House of Cards and Narcos. Fuller House and Orange is the New Black were the only Netflix original to outperform Stranger Things.

Netflix has, in the past, disputed the numbers provided by SymphonyAM as inaccurate, so you can take this news with a grain of salt. Still, Stranger Things co-creator Matt Duffer has said that the show was rejected 15-20 times by other networks before Netflix gave it a shot. Now it’s got glowing reviews from both critics and audiences (Rotten Tomatoes lists it at 94% and 96% from each of those demographics, respectively), a (possibly) huge audience, and there’s already talk of a second season (for better or worse). That’s a TV success story that should warm your heart.
Stranger Things Is Bigger Than Marvel On Netflix
We just finished this last night. We both really enjoyed it and felt the finale lived up to the rest of the series.
I too hope that they change it up a bit for the next series,

They should make an invasion of slugs, like the one will spat up, rather than the Demogorgon again, although we did see an egg casing.

All in all a great show well done the duffers
So, I'm reading a book by Paul Tremblay called Disappearance at Devil's Rock. In it a kid goes missing at the start, in the woods on his bike with two friends (13YO) The mother then sees a dark shape in her house and can smell his teenage sweat, then it turns to leaves, and rot. She thinks it was her son. She is a single mom, with two kids. Letters appear in the house, seemingly random teenage stuff written by the boy. Im only 80 pages in but she already thinks the boy is dead, and in some strange in between world.

This is a lot like Stranger Things! Im sure this book was written well before the show, but I was a little blown away at the story lines paralleling. It's a good read and i am curious to see how it plays out.

Just thought any of you Stranger Things fans might like to check it out!
I watched the series and I thought it was OK but I doubt I will be on board for season two. I think I was a little let down because I was told that it was really awesome and I just thought it was a little better than average.
Just watched this series. Absolutely superb! 80s theme but with modern high quality production and a great plot. Some unusual but great actors too.
I particularly like the scenes with the creature. In the middle of the series there were some quite scary bits.
I watched it a few days ago with my wife and we were instantly hooked. I absolutely adore this show; so many pop culture references from the glory of the 80s, and done so lovingly. Fabulous show. I just hope, as series 2 gets made, that it doesn't go the way of so many TV Shows these days and turn into an aimless shaggy dog story a la Walking Dead, or even The Affair. Strange Things felt so complete that it seems hard to imagine how they will expand the story without it feeling artificial. But it's certainly earned a lot of capital. Great TV, great writing. Way to go, Netflix!
I just hope, as series 2 gets made, that it doesn't go the way of so many TV Shows these days and turn into an aimless shaggy dog story a la Walking Dead, or even The Affair.

A small secret. The second season was commissioned before it aired. All, because the young cast is ageing rabidly. It was a bold move but it paid Netflix and the producers at the end. Hopefully, because they allegedlly lost two hundred million dollars with the Marco Polo production.
I watched the series and I thought it was OK but I doubt I will be on board for season two. I think I was a little let down because I was told that it was really awesome and I just thought it was a little better than average.

Me 2. Though I only watched the pilot episode. I didn't really think it was an original pilot and thought it was much more a rip off of the monster of the week X-Files episodes. It's funny because I would say most younger viewers around my age haven't seen X-files, but then again. X-files is on Netflix which was part of the reason why we have new X-Files episodes this year and coming soon. I'll try to rewatch some of it but I just don't get the hype around this show. Definite mixture of ET, Goonies as well and I didn't love those movies either.
Loved it. Binged watched the whole thing in 2 days. I loved the music; Jonathan and I share the same taste. I appreciated the LotR references, the hairdos, and the 80's movie nods. I'm not a big fan of monster movies, but the mystery worked well and the cast was fantastic. I hope they can pull off season 2.

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