New story in Crime and Mystery book

Jul 24, 2008
I have a story included in Crime and Mystery coming out August 17th. As far as I understand they will be releasing only as a hardcover.

My story will be featured along new stories and some classic ones by the best in the business.

Three Words - When a Senator's daughter goes missing at the same time as a demon, Mal knows it can't be a coincidence. He tracks the clues and ends up in a precarious situation. Good thing he has his Three words, magic that any demon hunter worth their salt needs to live.

Three words is a first person Urban Fantasy Detective story, that I have every intention of turning into a novel one day. I'm really excited about being included in this collection. It was the boost I needed.

Edit: I also want to thank my wonderful beta readers @Juliana and I think... Dusty did too but she doesn't remember me. lol. @Victoria Silverwolf for giving me some great feedback of positive words after the Sekrit Santa it was in. Then @DG Jones for his later beta that helped it get even better.

Nick B

author Nick Bailey, formerly Quellist.
Feb 13, 2014
Congratulations, sounds like a good story premise too.