New Atheran short story on the horizon

Tsk, Clanny, stealing Aussie's thunder. :D

Stoked for more answers about WoLaS, though.
Well I thought it might get more attention in the update thread we are all glued to, waiting for that day not too far away when Janny hands her labour of love in to be published. But more attention might get Janny and the other authors a bit of a pay rise yet, and Peter Orullian is still hoping to get his short story included.
An update for Evil is a Matter of Perspective
Janny will be getting a little extra coin for her short story, they reached the financial goal to give the authors a pay rise. at 794 backers and 36hrs to go, they should make 800 backers. Peter Orullian must be thinking he is in there with a chance to get his short story included, can they gather another 2,500 odd in such a short time? Do these kickstarter things work like auctions? They all jump on at the last minute.
I think they do (work like auctions, that is). And they passed 800 today.
Might make 900 yet, although they have not announced yet what goodies we would get for reaching that goal, still working on it. Just waiting for one more paper version book pledge or a couple of eBooks for Peter Orullian to get his short story included. From the comments on the last update it looks like someone thought they could pre-order a special edition this late, she might grab a normal hardback instead.
Well over 900, with new goodies for that, and about $1300 with less than an hour to go to hit the last stretch mark, namely two additional stories from authors who have yet to be approached.

Sure hope they make it. Adds more value to my pledge!
While we can look forward to seeing a new WoLaS related short story in Evil is a Matter of Perspective: An Anthology of Antagonists It seems we will be offered a chance to read a new short story earlier in Unfettered II, which will be published later this year.
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So rush over to the Paravia site and start giving suggestions, Janny will be starting this one soon as she hands in Destiny's Conflict, probably in a few weeks.

And Janny has another short story soon to be announced, but not an Athera related one. But if we might get excited about it, maybe related to one of Janny's other books?
I'd love to see something from the Cycle of Fire. That's a series begging for a follow up novel, but I'll take a story.
Janny does actually have a 4th book for Cycle of Fire, Star Hope on the drawing boards, waiting for a chance to be written. I cannot find that list of future projects she had listed some where. I am hoping one day to read Star Hope. I would not mind seeing more of some of the Ride to Hell's Chasm characters, especially Mykkael. Or another series not likely to get a fourth book would be the Empire trilogy, maybe give us a later look there, although I am not sure how much time they had before Kelewan was destroyed.
I eventually dug up Janny's list of projects she is considering after WoLaS is finished. This was back in 2010, Janny might have added to the list by now. And on Atheran short stories there is possibly a finished one for Verrain, but I do not think Janny will give us that one till after Destiny's Conflict.

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The List:

A second short story collection. (material mostly written)

A maritime fantasy novel, standalone (3 chapters written, very FUN, wanna do it next)

Starhope is still on there (may the audio book do well enough to spur interest in that series/full outline/first scene complete)

First Contact SF - Athera (no title, just concept, first scene and rough ideas)

A crossover book that would span 2 worlds: Earth, another, and faerie realm. (opening scene done/outlined)

A fantasy duology.
(very detailed outline)

A stand alone fantasy with a concept never seen.
(opening scenes written, crude outline)

Another stand alone fantasy novel with a concept never seen. (opening scene written, very crude outline, still under idea construction)

Another stand alone fantasy novel with a legendary sorta feel. (opening scene written/this would be short, maybe YA)

Atheran Compendium - artwork and shorts.
(Hah! Nuff said.)

Three thrillers that take place on a race track/here and now. (chapters written/research required, likely a collaboration)


Though an author ought never to say NEVER - :)
For Unfettered II thought I would post a link to the announcement of the interior artist.
Unfettered II Interior Artist Revealed

What I was actually after was the link to where some of the titles of the short stories finished or near finished was given, but cannot find it at the moment. Janny is still busy writing her contribution, so her story was not yet in the list, but i wanted to keep an eye on it.
Janny is polishing her first draft for the Unfettered II short story we will get later this year, first of two Atheran short stories that will be published before Destiny's Conflict. She has given us the title of the one she is working on

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This one's trajectory is Unfettered II; if accepted it's titled The Decoy.

The choices Janny was thinking of for Evil is a Matter of Perspective were Marin Eliathe's murder, or Morriel's part in the Rebellion. Janny did not far as I know say which story she would actually be doing for the Grimdark anthology. What do we think the Unfettered II one will be, something Janny has not mentioned? One of the ideas Janny has already mentioned she would like to do?

Janny might eventually get around to telling us the story of how Alithiel was passed to Kamridian, we have the bare details, but might be a short story in that. I was curious about how Jaest s’Ilessid came to be given Daeltiri, seemed a momentous event, Jaest must have been exceptional to be given a Paravian made sword. And Janny would have Verrain's story just about completed that she had been working on in the past. They do not seem to have a specific theme for the Unfettered II anthology. Janny never said which story she would do for either anthology, could be something else Janny would like to do.
Neither of the short stories coming up soon are Verrain's, which is too long for an anthology.

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Though I do hope to finish that one out shortly - it's novella length, and currently way too long for an anthology.

That's the plan, to put it up, finished, in the Paravia store along with the other 3 Athera shorts:

And Janny's comment on the story she is currently doing for the Evil is a Matter of Perspective anthology
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