Author roundtable with Greg Bear, Brenda Cooper, Robert J Sawyer... and me.


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Aug 19, 2013
I have the honour of having been invited to participate in an online author roundtable event alongside Greg Bear, Brenda Cooper and Robert J Sawyer.

It starts on the 6th July and runs for four days at:

Authors of the Roundtable: Greg Bear, Robert J. Sawyer, Brenda Cooper and Ralph Kern

It's fair to say, I'm more than a little excited to be sat at the same (virtual) table as some of the finest SF authors of our time.

Please drop by and post a question or two.
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That is awesome Ralph, and will surely get you some good exposure too. Well done mate, you've earned the honour.
Thanks, Quel. I'll try not to just keep copy and pasting - You guys are AWESOME!
Looks good! And I see on your link that @chopper is on one too, on the 29th. So how do these work? Are they through the forum?

Yes - usually @Dai on the forum is the person to contact. They run them regularly - I've been on one, so has Sue Boulton and, I think, Stephen Palmer.

Sffworld have a really strong and vibrant front page with great interviews and reviews but their forum Isn't as active as the Chrons. Each compliments the other well, I think.
I meant to 'watch'. ;)
If on the forum I guess I can read but need to register to ask questions? (and I think I missed that you had done one)

Ha! And there's me so shy and retiring....;)

Yes, you need to register to join - but it's a really nice, friendly forum with good moderators.

Good luck, Ralph. I shall be on a beach during it, I think,so might not be able to get to it.:(
It'll be a forum format, so yes to the register.

Today, Sawyer received the Order Of Canada, an award given in recognition of a lifetime of outstanding achievement, dedication to the community, and service to the nation for his "accomplishments as a science-fiction writer and mentor and for his contributions as a futurist.”

I'm going to go practice my virtual curtseying!
Good stuff Ralph. Glad I could drop by and toss a couple questions out. It didn't seem like there were a lot of people dropping by unfortunately

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