5.10 - The Day the World Went Away


weaver of the unseen
Aug 21, 2007
Finch's cover is blown due to a fatal error, which leads to an escalating series of encounters with Samaritan's operatives.

This is the 100th episode in this series. Congratulations to everyone involved.
Oh man, when the episode starts with last wishes and goodbyes I feel something dreadful is coming. Then the number arrives and it's Finch's. I don't want to say more, so I'll wait till you guys have watched it.
We lost a couple of people today. However, I expected worse and now the real fight has just begun. I had thought this was the last episode. There seems to be a way to go yet. What is Finch's real surname? Will we ever find out.
We lost a couple of people today.

Not just any old people, but the cornerstones on which the whole house of POI leans to. There is no replacement for Elias. The Kingpin of POI universe is dead, because he underestimated what Samariatian can do. Actually, I don't think Elias never really comprehended what the evil AI is really capable of. He got a reminded from last time, when the sniper nearly took him off from the roster.

The second warning came, when his last partner was taken out. But what I don't understand is where the hell his people went? He had three guys in the lift, they disappeared. Then the "janitor" in the lobby. Why they couldn't save their boss at outside?

I'm sorry to be moaning like this but because Elias and r00t were such big characters, I would have expected POI crew to put up their very best. But they didn't. Kingpin's crew had one job and they failed. Miserably, because it would have been more believable if they'd put up more effort.

Then again I blame directors for failing to make Nolan's vision to come truly alive. That includes the minigun.

The idea with that sort of gun is that quantity over comes quality in extremely high numbers. The gun puts down high number of rounds to achieve hits that would be normally missed. And it does it in fairly large area, because the stream of bullets that comes out from the minigun, isn't a stream but a cloud. Therefore, r00t's car would have looked much, much worse and I don't think they could have driven as far as they did in New York's traffic.

Yet, Harold climbed out from it with out having a scratch on his skin, and to stop whole thing, they needed a marksman on the rooftop to put lead through the wind shield. Her loss was even worse than Elias. Machine should have gone nuts. She didn't. So, I hope Shaw's going to go ballistic and do some proper revenge hits in Samaritian's ops.

What Harold will do? I don't know, because when he's angry, he doesn't so that he's really pissed off.
This damn well better not be another Samaritan simulation. I thought the bullet hole in Elias' forehead was a little too neat, reminiscent of the one Greer sustained in Simulation 6741 -- Samaritan's digital idea of a gunshot wound to the human head.
If all of this was "real," I am wearing a black armband for the death of Root. I thought that it was touching that The Machine chose her voice for its own. Seems like there's a bit of immortality it that.
I'm waiting with great anticipation for the actions of the new, improved, all-powerful, and extremely PO'd Harold, now unfettered by his own rules of restraint. Giving The Machine the teeth Root had repeatedly urged will be his first act, if he hasn't already done that. Harold's anger has been dammed up for so long, the flood is going to be impressive.
Reese probably got it right when he said Harold's name had come up, not because he was in danger, but because he was about to become a danger to others.
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Root's death hurt, and the driving scene was just brilliant, and awful, and I am sad forever. Harold's "snap" in the interrogation room was just...incredible, his performance was so real, so visceral, such a reveal of the pain and fury hidden behind his calm, private façade. I really don't give a sh*t about Elias dying - he was a smarmy Mafia dick, always a second away from stabbing our heroes in the back, and I never trusted him. I also don't really like that actor.