At the Mountains of Madness game and question about ending of the story


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Apr 14, 2009
Hey guys, it's been long since I posted here, just wanted to let some of you know there is a game for ATMOM coming out soon, early access is available now. I was going to buy it but upon checking up the reviews, not so sure anymore but has anyone here by chance tried it yet?
At the Mountains of Madness on Steam

By the way I have been mulling over the ending of the tale, specifically about what Danforth saw that drove him hysterical. Has there ever been a definite answer? Any thoughts on it?
Chrons veteran J. D. Worthington has written at length here on the topic suggested by your question.
I am not digging the appearance of Cthulhu in the trailer. The game is in 'early access' so it might be better to wait until they've worked out the problems.
Yet another game I found out that's based on ATMOM concept, unfortunately it's only limited to Oculus Rift. Developers have made solid games before so might be worth a check.


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