5.09 - Sotto Voce


weaver of the unseen
Aug 21, 2007
The elusive criminal known as "The Voice" traps Reese and Fusco in the precinct with several armed gang members and the latest POI; Root makes a startling discovery.
It's so lovely to see Shaw taking back routes and alternative methods to get back into States. I'm not exactly sure how many years she managed to stay in the spy business, but I doubt what she's doing is exactly first time, when she has crossed US border illegally.

The problem with this plan is the border cameras, and high-altitude drones that US uses to monitor things at the South. One good images, or even a partial match on a facial-recognition algorithm and Samaritan's goons are on her tail. Although I doubt it's going to be exactly an easy fight.

What's interesting in this week episode is that the number is a locksmith, which in experience means a skilled burglar and a potential hacker. And that same thing goes with r00t's number as well. Thing is that with Reese's number, the number acted irrational, almost as if he was under pressure until we learned that he's being through a Tiger kidnapping.

I used to wrote about Tiger method to my info-security clients. It is extensively very rude and extremely difficult thing to counter. And as we saw in this case, Samaritan used him to attack another firm out from blue. The firm's security people weren't even aware that sort of threat was landing upon their office. But in the same time, think about it in the light of other revelations, where we have learned that the evil Ai has masked NY city's crime numbers.

Why an Ai would want to put up a spike in those numbers?

Thing that I love is that Finch finally let Elias out from the safehouse, and let him to become one Machine's assets. It only took him a second to get back into the old habits, with this time from starting with Break-in and Entry. LOL And then Reese does same thing with Lionel.

Man, this is such a good episode. POI is one series that should stay in the air. For at least two more seasons. But I appreciate that Mr Nolan might be tired on writing this. And that he might have some other interesting projects brewing under his hat. But I think POI is one he wanted to write out and present to the public.

What did you thought?
I was sad at the end. Great that the team is back together again and Lionel is now a full member, but it is obviously the beginning of the end of the show. They are preparing now for the final battle of the AIs. Finch will now take the advice of Groves and give the Machine the weapons it needs to fight back. What happens when it is all over, who knows?
Yes! The band is back together!

I loved the look of anticipation on Root's face as she brought her "surprise" to the meeting at the end of the episode. Harold's look of amazement was pretty priceless, too.

I didn't immediately recognize Shaw at the start. Root being reunited with Shaw as she chased a Samaritan operative from the scene of a hit seemed improbable. Root was getting her tips from The Machine, but I don't know how Shaw was getting her info for taking out Samaritan agents "one at a time." Root's mutual suicide solution to Shaw's continued confusion over simulation vs. reality was a real gamble that paid off.

The cast of characters and roles within roles inside the police station was mind-boggling. Amir's facial transformation from innocent cab driver to hardened hit-man after Fusco called him out was amazing.

Easton's tears over his kidnapped wife were convincing. I did not see him as The Voice at any point before that fact was revealed. The bombs and Templarios were a complex smokescreen for Easton to execute Amir in keeping with his "cleanliness is all" policy.

Pairing Harold and Elias was great. Easton being surprised by Elias having Harold for a partner was a hoot. An unarmed Harold catching Easton after he had eluded Reese and Fusco was a surprise. Elias blowing Easton off the street with the car bomb was not so unexpected.

"Come on Harold. You brought me for a reason. You must have known I'd do something like this." :ROFLMAO:

I was glad to see Fusco finally brought into the loop, although he did seem to be getting over his funk as he and Reese battled the baddies in the precinct house. Luckily for them, the Templarios were no better marksmen than most of those they've faced throughout the series. :rolleyes:
I was convinced The Voice was Samaritan. That was a cool twist.