Man survives post apocalyptic world only to end up accidentally frozen for a million years


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May 25, 2016
A scientist and his girlfriend survive a post apocalyptic America. Afterwords his uncle invites him to oversee a project to travel to another planet because it has minerals which can be used for a clean source of fuel. He, his girlfriend and a few other scientists plan to live in a prototype space ship underneath the Antarctic to test out the space ship and its cryogenic sleeping chambers. He is put to sleep but wakes up a million years later due to a glitch in the ship. He discovers that the ships computer (AI) has gone crazy after being alone for so long and has been genetically mutating the crew for centuries. He is saved from one of the thousands of mutated, killer versions of his now ex- girlfriend by a genetically mutated, fuzzy, land dwelling octopus he names Oscar. He then proceeds to try and save this species of Octopi from being wiped out by the AI and its army of mutants.
It's actually a phenomal book and I wish I could remember the name, if anyone can help me out I would appreciate it, thank you
This is Steve Alten’s The Omega Project (2013). I recognize the plot shift with the octopi mutants.

From a Goodreads review: “The GOLUM project has a team of scientists go into cryogenic stasis for a trip to Jupiter's moon Europa, where they plan to harvest helium-3 under the frozen ocean. Their test base located deep under the Antarctic Ocean. GOLUM is warning one of the team is mentally unstable and sends Robert with the team to observe. The asteroid hits Earth's Moon while they are sleeping and he accidentally wakes up twelve million years in the future! ...Or is he still asleep? The pod is under a deep ocean now with 300 foot waves, the cephlopods they had in the lab have grown into giant telepathic octopus creatures which roam the land upright, his girlfriend (who was also on the trip) has been cloned by the giant twisted future version of GOLUM, which now runs the Earth. She has been incorporated into half human half machine creatures that act as vehicles, soldiers, and workers for the computer.”

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