5.07 - QSO


weaver of the unseen
Aug 21, 2007
Root goes undercover at a radio station to protect the host of a conspiracy theory show who stumbles upon information that could get him killed. Also, Samaritan’s agents try to convince a member of the team that their goals are noble.
I have to say I completely missed Lionel's "accident." I had to go back and rewatch ending of last episode to catch up on the sideline, which turned out to be the mainline, as he found all those important people that Samaritan had capped from opposing its rule.

POI is a brilliant series and there are so many layers in it. So many things that would have opened up, if more people would have commented, but what can I do. It's summer and everything. Only nerds stay indoors, hiding from the ultraviolet radiation. But, for the note, I'm not a vampire even though I spend a lot of time indoors.

But anyway, Lionel is mind kind of hero. I like that he has dirt in his hand, and more than a couple skeletons in his closet. That makes him being able to be a great detective, which isn't exactly shy on putting his nose in the business that Reese and Finch has been hiding from him.

I just don't understand why he hasn't figured out that maybe there's more to the world then what he's been privy to. He has all glues in his hands, and yet, the power duo has been very successful on "keeping him in dark, for his own good."

Is it right? Would Batman had done that sort of thing to Robin?

In Nolan's Dark Knight series this moral dilemma was somewhat elusive subject. At least to the main cast. But in here, we know how good nose dear old detective has and how much he deserves to be "let in the secret."

Anyway, main plot in this episode centred around r00t's pov is brilliant, because we haven't really seen many her own ones. Essentially she's a mother to the Machine, not her "most loyal servant," and she's a woman of her own class. In a way r00t's a woman I'd love to love, but cannot as she's an imaginary character. And I'm married to Mrs Grey.

But seeing Russian Ambassador most honest marriage proposal, when r00t decked a Russian baddie, is one of the best highlights of this series. One that so deserves another season. This shouldn't be the end, even if it feels so from their advanced schedule. If anything else, this series should get loads of Emmy's for the performance, writing and so on.
Does Root's presentation of an "exit strategy" to Fusco mean that he might be leaving the team? He certainly is fed up with being kept out of the loop.
Vasily's reaction to Root (AKA The Machine's designated "analog interface") strangling the would-be assassin with her ballet slipper laces was priceless: "Marry me."
I had suspected that Shaw's acceptance of being in another simulation was a mistake. I can understand her confusion after being subjected to thousands of previous simulations.
She must have regretted the opportunity to actually shoot Greer's "mini-me" as much as she regretted killing the scientist. I liked the look of fear on the Samaritan operative's face when was told to bandage Shaw's hands.
Max made the right decision by exercising his "free will" and continuing to pursue the secret Samaritan code on his show. Samaritan had labeled him a threat. Why would the AI conclude that he would never mention the issue again and take him off the eliminate list? Kind of a weak plot point, I thought, when Max made his promise to Root.
I noticed this at the start of the season but have forgotten to mention it. I really like how they keep switching the viewpoints from The Machine/Finch and Samaritan/Greer in the opening credits. It summarizes the whole final conflict.
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Was there a hint of X-Files here? I agree about Fusco. He should be told, but also, he isn't stupid, so eliminating everything that is even more weird than the truth, he ought to have already guessed at the truth by now. Groves has always had her own designs for the Machine and she is slowly grinding Harold down about giving the Machine a more proactive role. Now she looks like she is going to acquire missiles. I like that she always thinks bigger than the others. Pity about Max. I thought he was going to become a new acolyte. The Machine has very few friends compared to Samaritan and could certainly use some.