5.06 - A More Perfect Union


weaver of the unseen
Aug 21, 2007
Ladies absolutely love Reese. They would do anything to get his attention, especially in the strip show that turns out to be in his number henparty. I don't know what it really is, but he has BSG Baltar's aura for the women folk.

Then again, nothing is perfect in POI's world. Mr Greer showed to be fed up on Shaw repeated failures to reveal Machine's location in Samaritan's brain washing program, and instead, he tried the old soft method. But thing is: Shaw is too smart to fall in for propaganda.

She has seen what US government does from the inside, and more, as most of her jobs were in the offshore locations. Not inside US borders. But the same thing goes to Greer, and for the record, his recruitment methods are borderline offensive.

What he asked Shaw to do, Samaritan could have done easily. That Ai doesn't need Shaw as an asset, and I doubt she will ever become evil Ai's champion. Just I doubt it'll ever happen.

Off the official: Harold singing .... man, he needs lessons. But it's sad to see they cannot ever have pleasures of normal life.
The Machine vs. Samaritan -- quality vs. quantity in the people-saving business.
By taking out key offenders like crime bosses and greedy industrialists, Greer attempts to convince Shaw, Samaritan is a more efficient force for good than The Machine's individual number-by-number methodology. That seems like a good argument until you consider Samaritan is bent on creating a perfect world in its own image, with zero tolerance for anyone who does not fit that image.
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Weird, that this episode practically quoted what I said three episodes back:
Many people would trade having their world ruled by an AI for the safety of knowing they could walk to the shops without being gunned down. The thing is that power corrupts people, and absolute power corrupts absolutely, and even if Samaritan really does want to make the world a better place, as you say, its army is made from very bad people... I think the main difference that can be seen is Greer. He is a particularly cruel man, and I wouldn't want to live in any world designed by him.
Only, I felt that the writers were hitting us with a very blunt implement - I already get the point - and Shaw certainly would too. Claiming that without Samaritan we would start World War III is just silly. No one would say that in real life, would they? That would be like UK politicians saying that without the EU membership we would start World War III. No one is so crass as to say that. :whistle:

More light relief here and I liked Groves as Casey Ryback.
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