Fine "New" Lovecraft Volume

John Thiel III

I'm sitting with a south shoe.
May 22, 2016
Lafayette, Indiana
I have recently acquired (as time is measured) a volume of stories by H.P. Lovecraft titled BLACK SEAS OF INFINITY, copyrighted 2001, which is not a new volume actually, but it is in comparison to most of what has been available of his works in past times, when 20-30 years ago was considered lost in obscurity, with only Arkham House making it otherwise. At that time I was observing people who had had Lovecraft recommended to them frantically hunting for his stories and being discouraged at every turn. I didn't go looking myself, but I was pleased to find many of the stories they had been talking about and wanting to read themselves in this book, selected by Andrew Wheeler. It is my pleasure to be able to read these stories now.