5.02 - SNAFU


weaver of the unseen
Aug 21, 2007
If there ever was a situation where the Machine needed a bit of time to recover it's in this episode. So, I blame r00t for saying: "Let's get numbers running again?" after Finch questioned wisdom on turning The Machine on and connecting it to the government feeds. It's just after the fiasco in last episode, the Ai isn't itself.

In fact, it's broken beyond belief. So, the rule number on should be: "Always listen Finch before doing anything crucial." But like it is in the real world, same thing applies here as impatience drives the crew to flip the switch for The Machine to run "Irrelevant Protocol."

Man, I would have dumped the results right there. Thirty numbers is too much, especially as there's no connection between them, and one of them is highly capable assassin sent by the Machine to deal with the Man in the Suit.

I was so scared. Reese has been knocking heaven doors quite too many times. How many lives he has left?

Thing that surprised me was that one of the numbers turned out to be relevant - to the Sameratian. What is it up to?

What did you thought about the episode? Do you agree Finch statement that they should close the system so that nobody can abuse The Machine?
The Machine's facial recognition glitch was a hoot. The actors must have enjoyed delivering each other's lines from mismatched bodies.
Despite dealing with The Machine's near-death experience, targeting team members as threats and struggling with the omnipotent Samaritan, this show manages to keep its sense of humor. The false leads to potential victims were also good for few laughs.
Reese should have been a little suspicious when his "number" walked right up his desk with her thin story of distress. Perhaps his loneliness got in the way of his self-preservation instincts.
I liked the expansion of the father-child relationship between Finch and The Machine.
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I think the only way to really test the system would be to turn it on. You can only check some bugs without actually running the program. So, they had to turn it on sometime, and the sooner the better. I didn't understand why the Machine had lost its concept of time however that was an interesting idea with unforeseen consequences. I also like this show when they do comedy. I still think the one with Reece on the aeroplane to Rome was my favourite. I can see Finch being engineered to have a reunion with Grace, but since I can never see the world returning to "normal" I can't see how she can ever be safe.