5.01 B.S.O.D


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May 27, 2013
Riveting return! Bittersweet viewing, knowing that it's the beginning of the end.
Root is truly the ultimate unstoppable force. When others would dive for cover, Root's response is: "Nice gun."
Looking forward to Harold letting the revived Machine off its leash.
Oh man, I loved having POI back, and I was screaming to my monitor (all on my own, nobody witnessing) when Reese said: "I'm going to go out too look for Root." That girl can handle herself. There's no need for man in the suit. And she doesn't need a voice in her ear to tell her to pull the trigger.

Although it was a bit unbelievable that he still had some steam left after that night op. What does he eat to be able to keep going so much? Or is it just pure adrenaline?

Harold, in the other hand, waffled - as he does when he panics. When he's calm and not in a stressful situation, he can operate, but after that I would have just hooked the Machine in the power supply and called it a day. I mean beyond certain point there's not much you can do. The Ai won't fit in a normal machine. Not in its entire archive, but using the case and brushing off dust from the electronics, the "RAM" bank could have served as an external memory bank.

I won't venture more into the details, because it's just becomes a nightmare. For you and for me. All I'm saying is that group is small, and they're on run or in a hiding place. So resting should be priority. Rest of the stuff is just engineering and acquiring supplies.
Yes, all the shoot outs without even a scratch (well only on Fusco) does stretch credibility, plus Samaritan could send an army rather than a half-dozen. It's a little like those Kung-Fu films where the fighters line up to take on the hero on at a time rather than take him down together. Those logistics get worse in the next episode, in which (and I don't want to spoil but)
there is a large amount of hardware taken into the subway which you would think might attract attention, not to mention a stolen Nitrogen tank that Samaritan must surely notice.

Anyway, action packed and a full-on episode, which shows what we've been missing.