Asked 80 infants, all of whom were all about 1 year old

Ray McCarthy

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Jul 16, 2014
The Mid West (of Ireland)
... the researchers asked 80 infants, all of whom were all about 1 year old, to participate in another test.

How do you ask 1 YO kids if they will take part in an experiment?

What scientists learned when they bribed babies with crackers

It’s not clear why kids are more willing to interact with wrongdoers who offer more — whether their self-interest in getting more graham crackers just trumps their moral considerations, or whether they view the crackers as a kind of apology or retribution.

Um ... it's called bribery for a reason. It's always been believed than most good people have a 'price'. It may be very high.

A bribe, by definition is value (or maybe some threat too, stick and carrot) at such a high level as to change your "normal" choice.

Is there really anything unexpected here at all?
I feel a step was missing from this test and it could have yielded significant data.

They should have reversed the rewards so that the 'good' one was always offering more and I think the result of that compared to the present data would tell them more about the validity of the test.

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