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Frost Giant

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Nov 2, 2015
I caught up on the new season episodes of SHIELD just last night. I read that Ward is now the Marvel TV Universe version of Hive, which is an interesting direction to go in. The powers Ward (or Ward's animated corpse) has shown so far seem to back that up.
Now that the Absorbing Man is back (and being thoroughly studied at SHIELD HQ) do they intend to pit him against Hive? Since they've established Absorbing Man is not an Inhuman, Hive might not be immune to his powers. Their discovery that Absorbing Man's blood could be made into a vaccine is the most probable method of defense and attack I suppose. Maybe they could create a vaccine that would protect Daisy and Lincoln from Hive's mind control while they fight him?
Or maybe they could fit Phil Coulson's arm with a dust buster and just vacuum Hive up when he goes into swarm mode? Also maybe a wet-dry vac for when Hive gets gooey.... :)

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