3.14 Watchdogs

Anushka Mokosh

Matryona Marzanna
Aug 31, 2012
It is such a missed opportunity not to name this episode with something related to Pi. XD

From the intro, one would suppose this to be a Mack-centric episode and in many ways it is. The dealings with his brother and with the loss of close friends really lend themselves well to his development, especially as his brother is dealing with a disillusionment that strikes closer to home than Mack would have liked. Mack-Fitz dynamics is quite nice too. Mack-Daisy conflict was a long-time in coming and Mack has a point about taking things too far. Daisy has been getting increasingly sanctimonious and she had changed quite a bit compared to her starts as a hactivist. Perhaps because she is now the target of those hactivists. It quite annoyed me and she really took it too far. She really needs to hit the brakes there or perhaps be reminded of her own history and soon.

The resurgence of a group like Watchdogs was to be expected. There is a pattern of it happening after all as hate is so easily exploited. Felix Blake fits the bill as he seemed to like playing by the book before and seems to like things that fit in. He had formerly criticized Coulson for his unconventional ways after all and the ways are quite unconventional now. Watchdogs working with HYDRA was a bit too predictable for my liking, but it makes sense.

May-Simmons plotline seemed quite interesting. It seems like a bit of a rehash from the May-Daisy days after Ward showed his HYDRA colours, but it was enough of its own flavour to carry it on as dynamics are different. It deals with guilt and pain rather than anger and betrayal. May was inspiring quite a bit of sympathy there with her refusal of allowing hope to take root so she would be able to do what is necessary.

Coulson-Lincoln plotline was interesting. Lincoln is not really interesting to me as a character so far. He seems to mostly exist as a romantic interest for Daisy and I am glad they went about addressing that in this plotline. Since they are apparently keeping him, I hope they will continue developing him.