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Dec 23, 2011
1st, is there really no other thread for this series? :confused: I just searched & found several threads that mention it, but nothing titled GOTHAM.

Anyway, on to my comment: As a child of the 1960s, I grew up watching the BATMAN TV series with all its goofiness, camp, etc. I can take all the other villains so far, except Mr. Freeze; without the bald head, fishbowl helmet, and think European accent, he just does not measure up.

Other than that, my only complaint is that I will be in the old folks home before Bruce W grows up!
There's a whole sub-forum for it: Gotham. :) But there doesn't seem to be a thread devoted to the show in general, apart from a specific episode, so this will probably get moved there.
Hmm. Not encountered Mr. Freeze yet (there's a delay for UK viewers, unfortunately, as per many US TV shows).

I liked the first series a bit more than the second. Penguin's very entertaining. The main antagonist (for most of series 2, anyway) was less interesting.

It's an interesting blend of Dark Knight grimness and Adam West silliness (the supermarket for illegal weapons could've been straight from the 60s). As a rule, I'm not fond of child actors but I'm glad they gave the chap playing Bruce Wayne more airtime than originally planned.
Mr. Freeze is much older than Batman so having him be an 10-15 years older than Bruce is fine. I thought they messed up a little by making Harvey Dent (Two Face) older when traditionally they were around the same age and close friends. They also have made it seem that Cat's friend Ivy will become Poison Ivy, but Poison Ivy's real name is Pamela Isley. As for Alfred it seems to be a Batman tradition to have the person playing Alfred be the best actor on screen.
"the supermarket for illegal weapons"? I must have failed to notice that, unless it was something known only to crooks, in which case, it would not have seemed notable.
It was known only to crooks (and Harvey), but was a literal supermarket, with PA announcements and hoodlums putting rocket launchers in shopping trolleys and so on.
Unfortunately the rozzers showed up and stopped business.

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