Finally: Premiere Date for S5


Oct 23, 2008
Tuesday, May 3 at 10. And looks like CBS wants to burn it off, starting so late, as they're also going for double shots. Starting Monday, May 9, also at 10, we'll get two a week.

‘Person of Interest’ finally gets Season 5 premiere date, plus CBS finale dates

I still don't like the way they're pretending this might not necessarily absolutely 110% be the end. The writers had better write it like its the end (which I kind of feel like they tried to do at the last second in season 4, but not well) and not leave it hanging in a jumbled state.

Either way, at least we get to find out now. I was seriously wondering if it would ever air.
So they have locked down POI as a summer series. I hope it's either excellent final season or it'll get renewed again because I'll doubt it can close lose ends with a TV movie.

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