List of Arthurian HF


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Apr 29, 2011
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Stephen Lawhead did write a sort of Near Future Political thriller take on King Arthur.
Avalon the Return of King Arthur.

It starts with a guy who is somehow the very last Heir to the English throne dying, the ruling government wants to create a British Republic, then a mysterious old man turns up, and tells a young Scotsman and ex British Army Officer that he has proof that the chap is in fact Heir to the throne, and thus it all begins kicking off, at the same time, just off Cornwall, a massive underwater earthquake causes new land to rise...

I actually really enjoyed the novel, it's just that Stephen should perhaps have gone over to Wikipedia and had a browse of the Line of Succession to the English Throne, even the "top 100" is just a snippet!! Altogether, there is well over 1000, some will be ineligible, because for example, the laws of England & Wales prohibit a Catholic from taking the Throne, and the King of Spain is on the list, despite his ascension currently being illegal.

It was the same with the awesome 80's John Goodman film King Ralph - it opens with only about 50 royals getting eletrocuted, when even the direct senior line has at least 100. It's another reason why the Great War was such a tragedy, it was basically a family argument gone nasty, the King of England, and the Emperor's of Germany and Russia were 1st Cousins, the grandsons of Queen Victoria.