Just finished Memory, Sorrow, and Thorn for the First Time (spoilers marked)


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Jul 16, 2008
This series turned out to be pretty good. I've attempted to finish it over the years a few times but never got to book two; this time I was determined, no matter how many pages To Green Angel Tower has.

I suppose one thing that stood out for me is that the series ended on an explosive note.

With Simon, Camaris, Elias all equipped with the Great Swords and opening up a dark rift in time to bring back the Storm King.

That whole sequence was amazing! Also, did anyone else notice the hints about a possible extension of this series? For anyone who doesn't remember, I'm speaking of...

When Aditu told Josua and Vorzheva about the future of their twins?

Seems like Tad Williams was planning on continuing this series from the beginning, I wonder what took so long?

This was my first Tad Williams series I've completed and I do have the complete Otherland and Shadowmarch to start. I wonder where I should go next?
Well, I've gone on and on about this elsewhere, but if you liked Memory, Sorry and Thorn, you'll probably like Shadowmarch, too. Regarding Otherland, I'm pretty sure I said something to the effect of wanting all those weeks of my life back (and for most of his other stuff I'm a solid Tad Williams fan), but there ARE others here who enjoyed it immensely. The setting descriptions are the very stuff of fantasy, but the story itself leaves much to be desired. Shadowmarch, though no relation (that I could tell) to the Memory, Sorry and Thorn series, is of the same high fantasy ilk, and my only complaint was that it took a little while to trot the final book out.
Shadowmarch, though no relation (that I could tell) to the Memory, Sorry and Thorn series, is of the same high fantasy ilk,

For my taste, it felt too similar altogether, though I can't remember the details (it's been about six years since I read the first Shadowmarch book, and about 25 since I finished MST).

I have fond memories of The Dragonbone Chair, but I wasn't so into Stone of Farewell, and I thought To Green Angel Tower took far too long to get to Green Angel Tower. But maybe it's time to give them another go.
It's a while since I read this. I remember liking the story but wishing an editor with a scythe and a cruel streak a mile wide had been unleashed on it. Lots of stuff could've been cut.

But, as I said, the quality of the writing was high and (although details now escape me) I did enjoy the lore/backstory [even with the cliche premise].
Some of tads books take their sweet time, with otherland and memory, sorrow and tjorn being prime examples. I enjoy his writing immensely though. He takes ideas that have been done before, but provides a take that is fresh enough to entertain.