JK Rowling and American history

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    Jul 31, 2013
    There's been a bit of a storm about JK Rowling's new History of Magic in North America. I'll admit straight off I haven't read it, but the debate is interesting, maybe especially for chronners who were interested in this thread about how to write different ethnicities. Basically it's all about whether JK Rowling, as a white British writer, has relied on a lot of lazy stereotypes and been guilty of cultural insensitivity and misappropriation, especially of Native American culture(s). A bit of side debate also about how far her writing might over-simplify European/British culture.

    Anyway here are some links:
    It could’ve been great | Epiphany 2.0

    I've a few thoughts but the main one is you have to be pretty brave to write anything that touches on race and ethnic differences, especially for an American audience.

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