After SuperHeroes , What Do You Think Will be the Next Big Thing in The Movies?

When the when Marvel franchise thing stated the goal infinity Wars which was capped off with Endgame . Topping this far, has proven to be elusive.
Something I’d like to see, if at all possible:

In cases where an old film had multiple takes of every shot filmed at the time, and maybe some had different camera angles, or different lighting, maybe different lines were spoken, and so on - what if somebody were to go through all the unused takes and edit together an alternative version of the entire film.

No modern technology involved except to clean up mistakes made at the time that caused the shots to not be selected as The One.

But realistically I doubt there are many cases where the unused takes survive, so perhaps this might become an idea for the future, like blooper reels or self-parody takes that get made for fun.
I can still see fantasy making a big comeback.:)
War dramas that take place in Ukraine. The first wave will portray the Russians as unmitigated villains and the Ukrainians - every last one of them - as untarnished heroes. The next wave will take a more nuanced and cynical approach as to who are the good and bad guys. The third wave will just concentrate on the CG action shots and who cares about the storyline? Oh, and it will have superheroes and aliens.

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