A new short story published and a tribute to Tanith Lee

Ian Whates

Author and Editor
Sep 8, 2006
Delighted that my new short story "Montpellier" is published today in the latest edition of Galaxy's Edge magazine (#19). The story features the distribution of e-drugs and the Saflik, a sinister criminal organisation first seen in my novel Pelquin's Comet. Chuffed to be appearing in the same magazine as Robert Silverberg, Janis Ian, Gregory Benford, David Drake, Leigh Brackett, and many other fine authors.
Galaxy's Edge Magazine

This is my second appearance in print in the last couple of days. On Saturday I received my copy of the BFS Journal, which includes my tribute to Tanith Lee. I've been meaning to write a blog post ever since Tanith passed away last May, but found that I couldn't. It hurt too much to remember that she was gone. When I was approached about this article at the end of last year, the timing was just about right. I was finally able to put something down expressing just how wonderful a writer and very special person Tanith was.

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