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Aug 19, 2013
I am very flattered to have my own forum on here.

It seems a long long time ago since I first stepped foot in these forums (19th August 2013, according to the info page).

I found this site through looking for places to market my then self-published novel. I quickly, and quite rightly, got slapped down and told to be a participant rather than viewing it as a promotional tool.

Once I'd changed my mindset (with a little, ahem, help from the moderators)... well...

The wealth of experience and enthusiasm the forum members bring to this site is its true treasure. Sure, there may be other forums, AW and so and so forth, but this one is the best, by a country mile.

If I listed all the great points that people have raised on my work, the fantastic critiques and awesome networking that has occurred, (not least discovering my E-book publisher, Gary, through this site which led to being put in touch with Jennifer) this would be a far longer post. Suffice to say, every one has been a benefit. Not always used, but always valid.

I can only hope those I have posted notes for feel the same.

And, all of the above is not even mentioning the fact that if I thought SF readers were a tough audience... they're nothing compared to writers/authors. To get acceptance as a writer among peers is, well, a bizarre and blush-worthy thought. (I haven't made the cognitive leap to calling myself an author just yet)

Anyway, this is why I feel flattered to receive my own forum on this site and, along with publication, I view this as one of the most significant milestones of my writing career to date.

Thank you to all 30366 (at the time of writing this) members and a special thanks to the moderators who work so diligently in keeping this site true to its purpose. (and remind the odd upstart new member of that purpose)

If anyone's interested, these blogs chart my road to publication (a little out of date, but still valid)

A Well-Paved Road to an Indie Author’s Success: Part 1

A Well-Paved Road to an Indie Author’s Success: Part 2, Lesson’s Learned

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