Agents of Shield S306 - Among Us Hide...

Brian G Turner

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Nov 23, 2002
S.H.I.E.L.D. finds Garner alive after Strucker fled the scene. Hunter is replaced by Morse on the Ward mission; she and May begin tracking Strucker. Since Johnson and Mack never made it to the ATCU facility, Coulson visits it himself, while Johnson, Mack, and Hunter believe that Price's right-hand man, Luther Banks, may be Lash. They find Banks, knock him out, take some of his blood, and sneak a camera into the facility to which he was headed. As an analysis proves that Banks is not an Inhuman, they realize that they are at the ATCU facility and witness Coulson seeing a captured Inhuman arrive in suspended animation. Price tells Coulson that she wants to 'cure' the Inhumans because she could not help her husband, who died of cancer. May and Morse trace Strucker to the apartment of Gideon Malick, with whom Strucker sought sanctuary. Malick, instead, turned him over to Hydra in exchange for a future favor. As Morse fights off the Hydra members, Strucker tells May that Garner survived his attack because Garner is Lash.

Thought everyone was unfair on Hunter - surely they all realise that you don't negotiate with Ward? Hunter took the shot - it didn't work out. Tough. The balance said getting Ward was more important than any potential threat to May's husband.

Was a surpiring reveal about Garner later, though. And seemed a little...forced. So far May's husband has played little part, so setting him up as the crazed mutant super-killer was justifiably unexpected.

Seemed to lose a little steam in this episode, so perhaps that's why they pushed on that new subplot. Either way, still the best TV series I'm watching so far.

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