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Brian G Turner

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Nov 23, 2002

Endeavour (Sleeping Gods 1) (2014)
Erebus (Sleeping Gods 2) (2016)
Explorations (Sleeping Gods 3) (coming soon)

The Locus Trilogy

Unfathomed (2016)
Expedition (2017)
Osiris (2018)

Short stories

Steel Eye (2016)
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Uncharted is a totally unconnected novel.
Just to clarify:

Endings: The Sleeping Gods Book 3
Currently approaching the big finale in draft. I'm looking for a release by the end of the year to early 2017. This will pretty much now have my full attention, other than one short I have scheduled in.

Explorations: Through The Wormhole
Is Woodbridge's awesome anthology which is out in late September. This is complete and submitted.

Is something I've been quietly ticking away on for the last couple of years, which I anticipate will also be out in late Sept to Oct.

The rough theory behind the publication order is to cultivate new readers, who will then hopefully go back to Endeavour while still providing Endings in as timely manner.

As things stand my actual and anticipated bibliography is:


Endeavour: Sleeping Gods Book 1

2016 (Busy year!!!)

Erebus: Sleeping Gods Book 2

Steel Eye (Short Story)

Alt Chronicles: Legacy Fleet (Akula - Short Story).

Explorations: Through The Wormhole (The Challenge - Short Story)

Unfathomed: (The Locus Book 1)

Explorations: First Contact (Working title: Wow! - Short Story)

2016 - 2017

Endings: Sleeping Gods Book 3


Expedition: (Working series title - The Locus Book 2)

I anticipate that will take me through to late 2017 after which I have a couple of ideas which are gently simmering away. One is a military SF and another is a near future police procudural. But I don't want to get distracted by the next shiny thing until I complete what is above.

I also seem to be involved with a lot of stuff beginning with the letter "E". :/
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