Will there be a Season 11?


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May 24, 2008
Does anyone know, or have indications of? I find it hard to credit they could get the whole company back together for just 6 episodes, but I know very little about the present state of TV show production


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Aug 21, 2007

About what I'm going to say should be taken with plenty of foil. So make your own hats. Or tighten them up for those whose already wearing to them, because the maybe needs a bit of explanation.

The thing becomes very simple if you remove the cigarette smoking man from the picture and see him as an alien. One that has a power to mimic whatever person they chooses to. For being an alien, a sectoid has got some many variations over the years, but one is consistent. The ability to use psypowers, or an ability to manipulate psychic phenomenon that is also known as parapsychology.

If you replace the cigarette smoking man with an alien and add up the alien dna manipulation theory, you get to a point, where X-Files apocalypse becomes plausible. At least to the viewer. So, when he trumps his big speech and especially associate it to Dana's exposition, her DNA masker would possible save a great number of people, but not everyone.

The alien bioagent would be truly devastating. We are talking about around 95 percent of worlds population. In my most positive case, 50, but there's no way for them to release the RNA tool into the population for it to effectively mask live ones against an extinction.

So to call X-Files, season 11 X-files, wouldn't necessarily work any longer.

The alien was giving Mulder an option to sit in the big table next to him. But he said no. Because Mulder.

For him to be in the series, something miraculous would have to happen, and I'm not saying the Chris Carter aren't gifted, because he is. The alien we saw would have to have an ability to switch off the viral agent, like he suggested, or to give an counter agent, but after certain point, there's no turning around.

The people were in advanced stages of all sorts of diseases.

To be honest, I don't believe after that revelation a severely depleted federal agency would have an x-files. It would have to be an archive. Something for people to study, instead of look with a doubt.

The reason is simple. The extinction level event would change everyones lives. It would change a civilisation. So, for them to have a season 11, Mulder would have to be tripping in some serious sh.t. More potent stuff than what he were taking in the episode 10.5: Babylon.

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