Review Lady Mechanika


Searching for a flower
Aug 22, 2007
Hunting in the woods
Titles: Lady Mechanika and Lady Mechanika Tablet of Destinies
Published by Benitez
Written Joe Benitez / M.M. Chen
Number of issues 0-5 / 1-6
Pages per issue 20-27


Well now if that preview image doesn't entice you into the steam-punk world of Lady Mechanic then I don't know what will. I've reviewed both series out for her now as they are very similar in style and delivery.

First up we've the artwork and as the page above shows Lady Mechanika is not holding back anything in its art. Fantastic skill in drawing high detail that really brings out the cogs and gears of a steam punk world.
The story is also well written, although takes an interesting angle in that we hear much about the simple past of Lady Mechanika; of how she was found and came to be. But her past beyond her most immediate history is shrowded in mystery and acts as the long term underlaying storyline as she tries to find out about her past and about how she came to be. This gives, especially the first story, a sense of appearing half way through; she's got allies and established herself already so you're not along at the start, you're along mid-way - if you like at the most formulative and key investigations she undertakes. The story treats the reader well though and whilst you know you're mid-way along her story you're not left feeling confused nor like you're out of the loop; many things you don't know the characters don't know themselves so the story isn't playing a game of information denial to add fake mystery to the plot.

Both stories follow a well paced adventure, major in their scope of the characters experiences. If you've a love of steam, of cogs, gears and a touch of mystery and action then I'd say this is a series well worth checking out. Indeed its one that I hope continues and can expand upon the story its established.