Arrow S310 - Left Behind

Brian G Turner

Fantasist & Futurist
Staff member
Nov 23, 2002

With no knowledge of what happened to Oliver, Diggle and Roy work to continue protecting the city in his absence. With the Arrow missing, a new crime lord named Danny "Brick" Brickwell plots to take over the Glades. After Thea expresses worry over Oliver's absence, Merlyn investigates the site of the duel and brings a bloodied sword back to Diggle and the others, proclaiming Oliver's death. Diggle discovers Brickwell's plan, to destroy all the evidence against street enforcers so they are released from jail and have to join his crew, and heads to the police warehouse with Roy to stop him. Diggle and Roy are outnumbered, and fearing for their lives, Felicity decides to trap them in the warehouse and let Brickwell escape. Afterward, Felicity proclaims the group non-existent without Oliver and quits. With dozens of men freed because of Brickwell, Laurel goes after them, donning an altered Canary costume. Meanwhile, Maseo finds Oliver's body and takes it to Tatsu so that she can "bring him back to life." In flashbacks to Hong Kong, Oliver and Maseo steal the counterpart to China White's super-virus, thus making her portion inert. Oliver also slips a GPS tracker on one of China's men so that they can locate Tatsu.

Good casting with Vinny Jones as Brickwell. :)

Surprised that Diggle and Roy were so quick to presume Arrow was dead. As Laurel pointed out, he was dead for five years previously. Good to see Felicity's conflict on the issue, though.

And - oh look - Oliver is going to be saved. Despite having a crushed larynx, a sword thrust through his abdomen, a sword through the chest (punctured lung!), blunt trauma from being thrown down a mountain, and hypothermia, a few Chinese herbs are going to cure him of everything.

Yet, watching it, it didn't seem terribly out of step - but his injuries are being very underplayed.