Arrow S309 - The Climb

Brian G Turner

Fantasist & Futurist
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Nov 23, 2002

The League of Assassins inform Oliver that he has 48 hours to find and turn over Sara's killer or the league will begin murdering Starling City citizens. Oliver also learns Maseo is now a member of the League. Dr. Snow sends Felicity the DNA profile from the arrow that killed Sara, and the police database identifies Oliver. Believing Malcolm Merlyn set him up, Oliver discovers that Merlyn and Thea arrived in Starling City the night before Sara's murder. Realizing that she has been lying, Arrow confronts Thea, who demonstrates her training with Merlyn, before escaping from the Arrow. Later, Merlyn informs Oliver that he drugged Thea and manipulated her into killing Sara. Merlyn filmed the event to use as leverage to force Oliver into a fight to the death with Ra's al Ghul, with Ra's potential death releasing Merlyn from any blood debt to the League. Oliver and Ra's meet, with Oliver outmatched. Ra's mortally wounds Oliver and kicks him over the side of a cliff. In flashbacks, Oliver and Maseo learn that China White has stolen an engineered super-virus. China breaks into Maseo's house and kidnaps Tatsu.

Lots of great tension in this episode, not least the final reveal of who Sara's killer actually was. :)

Not sure why Laurel decided to tell Thea about the death of Sara, though: "I can't tell anyone about it. So I'll tell you."

But - but - but. The ending. Oliver Queen is dead - we saw it. And there was nothing to foreshadow his possible survival. Which means that the only thing we can infer is that the show is going to produce a huge deus ex machina.

Which really kills any sense of tension - it's like the old black/white Republic Serials where Flash Gordon dies at the end of one episode, only to be revealed they hadn't. Modern TV shouldn't be doing this.

The ending could have made for a great end season cliffhanger - especially if there were hints that Oliver knew what might happen, and had tried to prepare against it.

But as it stands now - no. It's just comes across as silly. We know Oliver will not be dead. As viewers we're just being cheated and tricked. I don't like that.