(Found) Ghosts living in power lines, hunted by monsters.


Feb 1, 2016
Several years ago I read a short story online (professionally published, I'm pretty sure) about spirits clinging to electrical appliances/power lines, hunted and sometimes eaten by monsters. Other details I remember are that if they let go, they fall up, towards the stars, and that some of the stars seem themselves to be talking (the Seven Sisters, maybe? in radio?). Can anyone id it?
I don't. Know if its the same one or another one by the same author that I'm thinking of.
I read it in a steam punk anthology put out by a magazine.
There were static inspectors. One came to investigate a case of immolation.
The great aunt was practising witchcraft upon the young charge. Trying to get her hit by the lightening in the constant storms.
But the aunt in gathering static made herself a. Target..
I read that too. No idea what it was though - in an anthology...
Don't think it's that one – the one I read had a SF horror vibe to it, no witches.
Bumping this as it's been a couple months now. If it helps, the story ends
with the ghost protag letting go and falling into the sky.

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