Arrow S308 - The Brave and the Bold

Brian G Turner

Fantasist & Futurist
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Nov 23, 2002

Oliver and Roy track down the home of Digger Harkness, a boomerang-wielding murderer, but they only find A.R.G.U.S. operatives looking for the same man. S.T.A.R. Labs' Dr. Caitlin Snow and Cisco Ramon arrive in Starling City to help Felicity analyze DNA from the arrow that killed Sara. Digger attempts to kill Lyla; Roy and Oliver arrive to stop him, but need assistance from Barry Allen, who uses his super speed to stop a couple of boomerangs from killing Oliver. Later, Lyla reveals Digger was part of the Suicide Squad, and Oliver agrees to allow Barry to assist in the investigation. Oliver's interrogation tactics lead Barry to question how emotionally stable Oliver is. The team track Digger's location, but it turns out to be a ruse that allows Digger to trace their hideout, where he wounds Lyla before being forced to run away. In order to escape, Digger plants 5 bombs around the city. While Oliver captures Digger, Barry uses both his and Oliver's teams to defuse the bombs at the same time. Flashbacks to Hong Kong show Oliver learning how to torture suspects effectively to get information.

An entertaining episode, though not as fun as the Flash cross-over previous to this. No Yoda impressions from Cisco in this episode. :)

Really good to see the comparison between Arrow and Flash come up, and Arrow continue to appear to be a thug. It's really good getting to look at Arrow through fresh eyes - and have him challenged about it.

The Hong Kong story continues, but makes little sense as yet why ARGOS would put an inexperienced billionaire brat in charge of life or death situations that demand murder and torture. Oliver following through with all this - rather than avoiding it all - makes his character look exceptionally weak. Then again, sometimes it's hard to remember that he isn't supposed to be the same person as now. Good to see that part underlined, not least about how being Arrow robs him of his humanity.