Arrow S307 - Draw Back Your Bow

Brian G Turner

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Nov 23, 2002

Oliver begins investigating a new killer in town, who murdered Isaac Stanzler using a bow and arrow, and left his body dressed up as "The Arrow". Following a lead, Oliver learns that the copycat vigilante is a former cop, named Carrie Cutter, who goes by the name "Cupid" and is obsessed with Arrow. Carrie uses a former C.I. to track down Oliver's hideout. Oliver lures Carrie away; when Oliver rejects her romantic advancement Carrie tries to kill the both of them. Oliver stops her, which reinforces Carrie's delusion that he is in love with her. Subsequently, Oliver gives her to A.R.G.U.S. as a new member of their Suicide Squad in the hopes that being on a team will help provide her guidance. Meanwhile, Ray reveals his next plan to help save the city is rebranding Queen Consolidated into Palmer Technologies. Oliver struggles with how much time Felicity is spending with Ray, and the situation is made worse when he walks in on them kissing. Ray is later shown working on a personal exosuit design. In flashbacks to Hong Kong, Oliver and Maseo's wife go off to find her husband when he goes missing.

Well, it was another Arrow episode. Sometimes it flirted with silliness and cliches, but remained entertaining overall. The one real saving grace was the reveal that Ray - Felicity's new boss - is building an exosuit. So does this mean he's a bag guy? Or is he the character - the DC equivalent to Iron Man - from the Legends of Tomorrow trailer?

Btw - Ray would have been better cast as a Superman, surely?

However, considering how much Ray's chased after her, and how much he's charmed and paraded her in this episode, it was really surprising that he decided he wanted things to just be platonic. This makes it feel that Felicity's attachment to Oliver is being treated in a somewhat mean-spirited way by the writers - and wringing it out a little for the sake of it.

Next episode - the villain doesn't have a bow! But uses a boomerang?

Sometimes I really wish Arrow would try and break off from some of its comic connections - allow itself to dare to go beyond those limitations to have something a little more psychological and clever. Arrow is far too much of a Batman clone as it is, and the villains are usually daft rather than clever. Throw us a curve ball, Arrow writers!


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Aug 7, 2011
I really like Brandon Routh's performance as Ray :)