Arrow S304 - The Magician

Brian G Turner

Fantasist & Futurist
Staff member
Nov 23, 2002

Nyssa al Ghul returns to Starling City looking for Sara. Oliver informs her that Sara was killed; Oliver sends Roy to follow Nyssa after it is clear that she knows more about who could have killed Sara. Nyssa is tracked to Sara's old safe house, where Nyssa reveals to Oliver that Malcolm Merlyn is alive and Sara was sent by the League to confirm his existence. After tracking Merlyn, Oliver agrees to meet him in a public location to discuss Sara's death. Merlyn tells Oliver that he did not kill Sara, but only returned to Starling City to take care of Thea. Nyssa kidnaps Thea in an attempt to draw Merlyn out, but Oliver arrives to rescue Thea. Merlyn arrives shortly after to clear his name and insinuates to Nyssa that it was her father, Ra's al Ghul, that had Sara killed. Nyssa does not believe him, but Oliver does and vows to protect Merlyn for as long as he is in Starling. Nyssa warns Oliver that he has made a serious enemy in the League before leaving and reporting back to her father. In flashbacks, Oliver completes his first assassination, and learns that Amanda Waller was behind Edward Fyers' actions on the island.

Lots of good tension in this, not least the three way confrontation between Arrow, League of Assassins, and Malcolm Merlin (who remains the most charismatic villain to date). Curious that Arrow believes Merlin about anything after what he did to the city, though. However, an interesting twist that Arrow puts him under protection. Can't wait to see if Oliver will actually reveal that he's arrow to Thea at some point...