Arrow S302 - Sara

Brian G Turner

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Nov 23, 2002

Not knowing what else to do, Laurel takes Sara's body to the team. Laurel demands to help Oliver find Sara's killer, but he forces her to go home. Captain Lance alerts Oliver to another archer in the city killing people, unaware that Sara was killed by an archer. Oliver follows a lead, and with Felicity and Diggle's help, he is able to identify the archer as Simon Lacroix. The team learn who Lacroix's next target is, and are able to stop him before he can succeed. Laurel arrives with a gun, determined to avenge Sara's death by killing Lacroix. As Oliver attempts to talk her out of it, Lacroix reveals that he was not in Starling City the night of Sara's death and leaves Oliver and his team with no more leads as to who killed Sara. The team bury Sara, but Laurel is unable to tell Quentin that Sara is dead. Roy also reveals to Oliver that Thea left town when she learned he was working with the Arrow. In Corto Maltese, Thea is with Malcolm Merlyn and has proven capable of defeating more than one henchman in combat. In flashbacks, Oliver is tasked with killing Tommy Merlyn, after the latter comes to Hong Kong to find Oliver after seeing activity on Oliver's email account. To save Tommy, Oliver pretends to kidnap him and tricks him into thinking that it was a ruse to gain ransom money.

But...but...isn't that Sara in the Legends of Tomorrow trailer? Because I'd seen that I couldn't engage with this - I feel like I'm about to be tricked with an awful cop-out.

Additionally, wtf was with all that motorbike jousting?? Arrow isn't looking so superheroic at the moment, just a bit daft for that sort of sequence.

Also, what's with the credits? He's something?

The Hong Kong sequence is failing to engage, too - why would anyone presume that a billionaire's son would make a great sniper? Why would any sane person go through with any of this charade instead of just walk away from all the verbal threats?

Still sticking with it - just saying that this season has started off feeling weak and like it's trying too hard.