Arrow S301 - The Calm

Brian G Turner

Fantasist & Futurist
Staff member
Nov 23, 2002

Following Slade's defeat, the Arrow is embraced as a hero by the people of Starling City, and newly-promoted Captain Lance calls off the anti-vigilante task-force. Elsewhere, Werner Zytle, who has claimed the mantle of Vertigo, attempts to kill Arrow in a bid to raise his profile. After losing the first battle, Oliver and Roy are able to stop Zytle, along with some help from Sara who is back in town. Meanwhile, businessman Ray Palmer successfully acquires Queen Consolidated under a plan of rebuilding the city and renaming it "Star City". Laurel helps Lance deal with his health issues, and Diggle and Lyla welcome a baby girl, which convinces Diggle to take Oliver's suggestion and retire from field duty. Oliver and Felicity go on a first date, but Oliver ends it explaining how he can't be the Arrow and Oliver, although he still loves her. After visiting with Laurel, Sara is shot in the chest with arrows by an unseen figure and falls from a rooftop to her death in front of Laurel. In flashbacks, Amanda Waller tries to force Oliver to work for her, and assigns agent Maseo Yamashiro as his handler. After numerous failed attempts to escape, Oliver agrees to proceed with his training to prevent Waller from killing Maseo's family as punishment for his failure in restraining Oliver.

A strange episode - it tried to start at a strong pace, but I just felt disengaged. The date between Oliver and Felicity seemed to come from nowhere - and disappear as unexpectedly. There was some really stilted dialogue in this that could have been copy/pasted from Generic Writer 101. And the ending - I've seen the trailer to Legends of Tomorrow...

Also, the Arrow is supposed to be so well-trained yet he was suckered twice by someone able to touch him. Good job he only injected him with hallucinogenics instead of stabbing him in the neck with a hunting knife...